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Today, LMT Fette© USA products are recognized as market leaders for increasing productivity, tool life and overall tool performance. In North America, LMT Fette© specializes in applications where the strengths of all six companies to offer customers unrivaled solutions. These specialties include:

Lmt Fette Thread Rolling Products

Our commitment is to continually provide you with the industry's leading technologies and the best customer service possible. Look to LMT Fetta USA for all your specialty application needs in most difficult machining operations.


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Lmt Fette© Repair Center 

We offer a thread rolling head repair center. There is no charge for rebuilding just for the cost of the parts needed to make the head like new. Most heads are repairable


Lmt Fette© Test Samples


Testing is an excellent way to see why Fette© is the leader in technology
Thread form taps
Carbide inserts
Thread rolls
Solid carbide end mills
Milling products
Turning products  
Mold tools


We offer the broadest rolling program available and we back this up with professional expertise based on years of experience .

Here At Lmt Fette© because all applications vary in some manner each is carefully studied by our Fette© engineering staff in case of exotic metals, special profiles, or need for special leads to enhance material flow. We always offer the best and most economical solutions to problems faced by our customers.







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